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Nathaniel & Phoebe (de Metz) Solomon

Nathaniel Solomon 1735 - 1760
Phoebe (de Metz) Solomon 1745 - 1834

Nathaniel Solomon, born 1735 in Margate, Kent, England and died 1793 in Kent, England. Nathaniel married Phoebe de Metz (born 1745 in Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands and died 19 February 1834 in Chatham, Kent, England) in 1760 in Margate, Kent, England. Phoebe Solomon married at 15, and believed to have had 18 children and many of them died in infancy.  Pheobe was left a widow in 1793 at the age of 49, but lived to be an old woman at 89.

Together they had 10 children:
Edward Solomon, born 1774 in Margate, Kent, England and died 10 May 1855 in Southwark, Surrey, England. Edward married Rachel Joseph.
Charles Solomon, born 1776 in Margate, Kent, England.
Saul Solomon, born 25 December 1776 in Margate, Kent and died 6 December 1852 in "Eastwood", Portishead, Somerset, England.  Saul married Mary Chamberlain 1815, Margaret Lee 1800 and Harriett Bryan 1823.
Benjamin Solomon, born 1777 in Margate, Kent.  Benjamin married Johanna Petronella du Plessis 1807.
Joseph Solomon, born 1780 in England and died 1861 in Cape Town, South Africa.  Joseph married Hannah Moss 1814.
Elizabeth Lenie Solomon, born 1780 in Margate.  Elizabeth married ?Isaacs.
Lewis Gideon Solomon, born 1789 in Canterbury, Kent and died 10 May 1868 in Marybone, Middlesex, England.  Lewis married Julia Magnus 1818.
Deborah Solomon, born 1793 in London, Middlesex, England.
Hanna Solomon.
Richard Solomon.

Saul, Joseph and Lewis Solomon were prominent businessmen in St Helena. Refer to further blogs about their activities in St Helena and South Africa.

You may be wondering why my interest in the Solomon family. I suggest you take a look at my blog on "Doris Moss, Napoleon and St Helena".  The Moss and Solomon families were related through marriage and were in business together. They were living on St Helena at the time of Napoleon's exile there.

Tombstone for Phoebe Solomon 1745-1834.Thankyou Kirsten for supplying the photos.

Chatham Memorial Synagogue, Rochester, Kent

Phoebe Solomon (nee De Metz) tombstone standing on left hand side.

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